Project Description


All of life’s difficulties are caused by impurities or clouds within the spiritual world. These clouds are caused by negative thoughts, harmful behavior, bad karma, and physical toxins. By practicing Jyorei (pronounced like “joe” “ray”), spiritual light is focused on these clouds and dissolves them, relieving physical, emotional, and personal distress. Jyorei is an act of selfless giving and thus there is never any charge for one to receive this gift. It is a practice with an emphasis on love and gratitude. A person receiving Jyorei regularly experiences profound healing in spirit, mind, and body that eventually leads to genuine happiness.

Anita has been involved in the healing arts since 1983 and has trained in many modalities over the years.  She owns Riversong Healing Arts in Kelso, WA offering Reflexology, Metamorphosis, Reiki and Jyorei.

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